API for Knowledge Platforms (API4KP)

Technical Specification and Reference Implementation

The API4KP standard is based on a model-driven architecture that combines UML models, OWL ontologies and OpenAPI specifcations to define a platform, technology and vendor independent way to build and interact Knowledge Based Systems.


Reference Implementations

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic "Knowledge Management and Delivery" Team has released a reference implementation of a "Knowledge Management and Delivery Platform" proof-of-concept.

This implementation was developed as part of a research project.
It is experimental, and offered 'as is' with no support under the Apache 2.0 license

The implementation consists of the following core modules (in build order)

  1. KMDP BOM 
    The "Bill of Materials" setting common dependencies
  2. API4KP Specification
    Packages and deploys the API4KP machine consumable documents
  3. KMDP Models
    Compiles the platform-independent specification into a Java-oriented platform-specific one Architecture Flow
  4. KMDP Spring Maven Archetype
    Infrastructure for a Spring-based, ReSTful implementation of the APIs
  5. KMDP API Framework
    Further compiles the platform-independent API specification into a Java+Spring Web Service Framework

Reference implementations of the Services are also provided (in build order)

  1. Language Service
    Functions for the syntactic manipulation of Knowledge Artifacts (e.g. parsing/serialization, validation, translation)  
  2. Knowledge Artifact Repository - JCR
    JCR-based persistence layer to support the storage and retrieval of knowledge artifacts 
  3. Coming soon...